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Good Coffee Is Vital to a Happy Workplace

13 November 2013 | Added by Paul Bilkey

Good Coffee Is Vital to a Happy Workplace

When employees are asked to do more with less, smart business managers look for creative, affordable ways to keep staff motivated. Now, new survey findings reveal that small perks like good, free coffee can have a major impact in boosting employee morale.
According to a recent national survey, three out of five employed Americans feel more motivated to do their best work when provided with perks in the office. Nearly half said small perks make them feel more valued.
“It’s important for business managers to recognize and reward their staff for their hard work, even if a tight budget only allows for small perks,” said Dr. Bob Nelson, a leading authority on workforce motivation, best-selling author, and co-founder of Recognition Professionals International.
Nelson points to fresh, free gourmet coffee as a commonly desired office perk that has a very high perceived value to employees. A recent national survey showed 37 percent of employees surveyed would prefer free, daily fresh gourmet coffee over a company’s annual holiday party.

Businesses with busy waiting rooms, such as medical offices, beauty salons and auto garages, find coffee machines to be an easy way to keep clients and customers happy without leaving the office.

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