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Coffee as a Health Drink?

10 October 2013 | Added by Brian Barnard

Coffee harms no-one (except Parasites)!

Is coffee really a health drink? Are you sure? Yes this is a brazen plug for fair trade organic coffees. Some people are unaware of thehealthy nature of coffee.  It’s a ‘bean’ for Pete’s sake!

Coffee can ruin the parasite’s environment making it an important factor in disease protection from the bad bacteria and parasites.

Studies have shown coffee consumption offers significant risk reduction in many diseases. They include: type two Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, certain cancers like colon cancer and pregnancy complications along with others.

Why do so many people believe the opposite? The media features negative sensational stories about coffee consumption. These studies seem to show problems with excessive consumption. They are not, however, adjusted to include tobacco use, junk diet and hard alcohol consumption in their results. Also, negative studies that are flawed and have subsequently been disproved or withdrawn are just more exciting to report. When you hear of any study, make sure to do research on your own to find out how the results are interpreted and what is unreported.

Coffee has health benefits with a wonderful flavour, enjoyment and is even linked to romance. Coffee also is an easy ethical choice so as not to exploit third world farm workers fair trade. So, if you drink coffee, organic coffee should be on your 'must buy' list.

Most of coffee’s negative impact comes from its high concentration of caffeine - a psychoactive drug. Caffeine can be a mood elevator and mental energiser depending on an individual’s biological makeup. Coffee improves mental performance in some, is an emergency remedy for asthma and dilates bronchial passages.

“Processed caffeine" can trigger headaches, anxiety and panic attacks in some people. In excess, it may cause psychiatric disturbances, promote insomnia and aggravate heartburn. Processed chemical caffeine is used in soft drinks, sports drinks, OTC drugs, prescription drugs and is even infused into some commercial coffee beans. Decaffeinated coffee is a chemical mess; avoid it!

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