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Coffee - One Name For Divine Taste

16 October 2013 | Added by Paul Bilkey

Ethiopia, a place where coffee's importance and response was first noticed. In early 9th century, people of Ethiopia noticed that due to consumption of large number of cocoa beans, animals hyped with energy danced and people use a special drink from which they can stay up late night as well. A similar pattern was noticed and with not much wait, the word was spread all over the world and in matter of time coffee became popular from Ethiopia to Egypt to Middle East and then European and Americans.
Coffee Arabica and coffee Robusta are some of the common species which are grown in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. The steps which are followed to make coffee out of cocoa berries are:
Collection of cocoa berries Processed and further dried properly Roasted at some degrees depending upon the amount of flavour required Various chemical and physical alterations are made In the end grounded and brewed to produce finest coffee
Moderate sunshine and steady temperature is needed with absorbent soil for the cultivation of the coffee. It can now be cultivated almost everywhere around the world and no particular area is required, every country adds their heritage and culture to the traditional coffee. Columbian coffee is known for its best taste all over the world. Columbia is the second highest producer of the coffee all over the world followed by Hawaii which is famous for its espresso treat. In Middle East, Arabs usually considered coffee as herb or commonly name it as wonder drug which can be given to people only on the prescription of doctor as they think it will stimulate their mind and act as a tonic for brain.
Everyone around the world is mesmerized by the effect of coffee and over thousand of millions of people start their day with a strong cup of coffee. Coffee is an energy booster; it helps to stay awake and also helps the brain to think straight. The English word coffee was given to the most popular beverage of the world in the mid-1600s, every country calls it by their own name but one name of another its divine taste is recognized and recommended by all. At present, the best coffee was available in following places:
New Zealand, Australia, Morocco, Columbia, Italy, Argentina, India, USA and of course Ethiopia; each place has transformed the original flavor into their own essence and add a unique heritage touch to it which makes it more delicious.
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