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National Coffee Choice report reveals coffee has become the basis of social stereotyping

23 September 2013 | Added by Paul Crabtree

ARE you a high-maintenance latte drinker or does your flat white order indicate you are down-to-earth, laid-back and boring.

A new report reveals coffee has become the basis of social stereotyping.

Many Australians inflate their coffee choice in order to sound more affluent or superior, the National Coffee Choice Report, commissioned by DéLonghi, also found.

Those who drink cappuccinos, the second most popular coffee after flat whites, are more likely to be seen as "fun" people and the life of the party. One in five people considered espresso drinkers as successful while macchiato drinkers were considered arrogant according to 45 per cent of respondents.

What does your choice of coffee say about you?

Why do you drink coffee and what's your choice?

David Gee, from coffee trainers Barista Basics, said the report indicated our growing sophistication and knowledge about coffee as much as anything else.

"Now with coffee you can get exactly what you want, made by a barista to your taste," he said. "We can all have that one little luxury, so why not.

"The Datamonitor report found one in six lawyers, bankers and accountants admit to showing off in meetings by ordering a stronger coffee so they sound more sophisticated.One in three, aged 24-29, admit to changing their coffee preference depending on who they were with.

Emergency Services workers are the most coffee dependent with half admitting to having a coffee as soon as they get out of bed, compared to 43 per cent of government workers and 42 per cent of those employed in the banking, law or finance sectors.

Victorians are the nation's biggest coffee drinkers, with 64 per cent drinking three or more cups of coffee per day compared to 50 per cent in WA and 43 per cent in South Australia.

While we are consuming more coffee every year, $1825 on takeaway coffee a year alone, more than a third of those surveyed prefer to make their coffee at home to ensure it's made to their taste. Almost half of those surveyed said they have a coffee machine at home.

The online survey of more than 1000 people across Australia revealed 90 per cent of Australian 18 and over drink coffee with almost a third drinking between 3-4 cups every day.

Australians are expected to spend more than $773 million on coffee beans and products in 2013.

  • Latte drinkers are perceived to be 'high-maintenance'
  • Flat white drinkers are considered down-to-earth, laid-back and boring
  • Bankers and accountants admit to showing off by ordering stronger coffee
  • Cappuccino drinkers are more likely to be "fun"
  • Espresso-lovers are seen as successful'
  • Macchiato drinkers are considered arrogant

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