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The arty latte... or how to turn coffee into 3D sculpture

25 September 2013 | Added by Ross Easey

Japanese artist creates foamy artworks using toothpick and a spoon.

Kazuki Yamamato creates turns his hands to both portraits and sculpture. The barista has created bunnies, hippos and even giraffes.

If you like to play with the froth on your coffee, here’s a challenge for you – could you make something as striking as these? The
rabbit, hippo and giraffe emerging from the coffee cups are the astonishing work of a barista in a Japanese cafe. Japanese latte artist
Kazuki Yamamoto has taken coffee art to a higher level. While others may try swirling their flat images on foam, the 26-year-old
specialises in building 3-D sculptures, some of them even climbing out of one cup and into another.

The barista’s currently working in Cafe10g in Osaka but dreams of opening his own place in Tokyo where making art, however fleeting, is more than just a perk of the job. Among his temporary masterpieces are pictures of pop sensation Psy, and Disney characters Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Pinocchio. Yamamoto has made a name for himself on Twitter, where more than 82,000 followers receive daily tweets with images of his latest creations. But he’s hardly the only latte artist to emerge from Japan.

Yamamoto’s friend Kohei Matsuno, a 23-year-old originally from Osaka who now works at a café in Tokyo, also creates coffee characters from anime to Lady Gaga.More recently, Matsuno has begun recreating famous works of art like Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream.’ He uses a toothpick and a spoon for such fine details. The milk and foam parts go on first, then he uses toothpicks to add ‘shading’ with espresso.

The whole process, he says, takes about three to five minutes. Some controversy exists within the coffee community as to whether or not there is excessive focus on latte art amongst baristas.The argument is that too much focus on the superficial appearance of a
drink leads some to ignore more important issues - such as taste.

Asleep: Despite all the coffee, this bear is enjoying a peaceful nap. Mr Yamamato hopes to open his own coffee shop one day.

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