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The opportunity of investing in a Franchise business is an exciting time, there is however a process to follow. Below is just about everything you need to make an informed decision about wanting to investigate the Xpresso Delight Franchise business opportunity further.

The first step in the process is, we suggest you watch the video* below, it contains detailed information about our unique business model. This video will give you a solid understanding of what is involved and should initially help you decide if you want to progress further down the path of a request for consideration and meeting with one of our Master Agents.

It is around 11 minutes in duration, however we believe it will be the best 11 minutes you ever invested in yourself and possible future.


Like to know the Whole Xpresso Delight Story?

Read about the Booming Coffee Market Opportunity...

A unique opportunity to profit from a worldwide growth industry

A nation of coffee gourmets

The Australian coffee market is growing faster than ever. It's clear that instant coffee is no longer an acceptable beverage for the hundreds of thousands of people who go out of their way every day to achieve the perfect coffee experience.

In fact, gourmet coffee consumption has doubled in the last six years across the nation. Australians now drink an estimated 1.6 billion cups of coffee each year a figure that continues to grow at 10 to 15% per annum.

As the number of savvy, educated coffee drinkers has boomed, the market has exploded in all directions. Boutique companies are setting up all over the country to fill the demand for exciting new flavours of roasted coffee. But it's not just cafes that are reaping the rewards, people want their coffee at home and at the workplace.

This is one of the best times to be in front of the booming espresso coffee market. In Australia today, we as a Nation consume as stated above around 1.6 billion espresso coffees a year, incredible numbers for a population of only 20 million.

But the number is even more incredible when you consider that over 70% of all espresso coffees are consumed by workers going to work or having those coffees in the morning while at work. Virtually all of them are purchased at coffee shops but that market represents around 1.1 billion espresso coffees a year consumed by the work force while going to or at work.

That's 1.1 billion espresso coffees a year consumed by the work force while going to or at work. WOW.

Xpresso Delight produces just over 6 million coffees at this point in time which represents around two thirds of one percent and we are the largest independent and Australian owned supplier of espresso coffee into this market.

Less than half of one percent market share and we are the largest. What does that tell you about this untapped market and the opportunity? That it is massive and waiting for and wanting to experience our unique service.

If we look at this from another point of view we get the same interesting opportunity of numbers.

Xpresso Delight today has over 170 Franchisees with an average of 11.3 individual coffee machines each, that's a little over 1,900 coffee machines making fantastic espresso coffee right in the work place. But how many businesses or Locations are there? Well there are approximately 2 million businesses in Australia, but not all of them can have one of our machines. Why? Because they may be in retail or manufacturing or whatever ever business that does allow them our corporate service.

So to be conservative in the numbers let's cut the number in half to fix that, in fact let's cut it in half again and again. so we are now down to approximately 400,000 businesses or just under a quarter of the total that we know potentially want to get our product and service, still a massive number of business opportunities and Locations that are potentially searching for the Xpresso Delight service.

On those numbers against the 1,900 coffee machines we have already in the market we are back to around two thirds one per cent market share. As before with the espresso coffee number WOW.

To finish on we estimate that the total corporate espresso in-house market penetration by all suppliers is around 60% which means we have in front of us right now a market with a massive 40% growth opportunity.

So ask yourself is that kind of opportunity you would like to be part of?

But it gets even better because the market is not static, it is still growing and growing at an incredible pace and it is because of this growth and demand that Xpresso Delight has grown to the level we have and you can now be part of that growth.

Read about our STUNNINGLY Simple Concept...

A stunningly simple concept

Xpresso Delight is a simple business concept that virtually anyone can be successful at.

Specifically we transplant the cafe experience into the workplace. You own a number of fully automated gourmet espresso coffee systems that provide a coffee experience equal to any café, but are located right in the workplace. These coffee systems are given away FREE to businesses who want our incredible service.

Franchisees service the coffee systems weekly and provide all the consumables, everything from the coffee to the cappuccino sprinkle and then simply charge their clients an incredibly small, from 79 cents per coffee.

Each Franchisees commitment is around 30-45 minutes per client per week excluding travel time. The coffee systems we use are manufactured to exacting standards in Switzerland and Italy they are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. They're fully automatic, a breeze to use, and have a patented auto-cappuccino mechanism that produces a hot creamy froth so thick that sugar floats on top of the cup. The coffee systems are fun to use, produce a stunning coffee within 30 seconds, and are wildly popular. They come with a two year parts and labour warranty and are again top of the line equipment that has a proven track record in the market.

Our clients tell us they love our service because they have no upfront costs, they sign no finance contracts and because our Franchisees own the coffee system they receive a forever warranty. Most importantly our clients tell us they love our coffee. Workers can finally enjoy the convenience of fantastic-tasting coffee anytime they want. No long walks to the café any more. They can even get one on weekends or late at night when cafés are closed.

Our clients also get our 4 hour service guarantee with a replacement coffee system benefit if required.

Our Master Agents hold replacement coffee systems for our Franchisees just in case a problem can't be fixed on the spot. Our Franchisees provide those replacement coffee systems and continue to receive the revenue, the client still gets their coffee, everyone WINS. It's all just part of our great service.

Xpresso Delight is a semi passive mostly one, two or three day a week business which gives you extremely high returns on your time. We provide an intensive training program with ongoing support which means you get our proven market experience whenever you need it..

Xpresso Delight has been a success for many people who have never been in business before. Even if you have, our system will just help to accelerate that success. The reasons are because our product and service are greatly in demand and the market is hungry to get it.

Success as an Xpresso Delight Franchisee is a formula of simply following our proven systems.

Read about how Xpresso Delight can be YOUR Business solution...

How Xpresso Delight can be your Business Solution...

The opportunity of investing in an Xpresso Delight Franchise business is an exciting time, first you need to determine if our business works and then more specifically if it will work for you.

Let's first discuss the question of whether the Xpresso Delight business works

While we think our business is a tremendous success, what matters most is how you feel about what we have achieved.

Here's what Xpresso Delight has achieved in just over 9 years:

1. An international presence with a committed Franchisor driving the business forward.

2. Master Agents in all States who offer support to all Franchisees locally.

3. Over 170 Franchisees across Australia and New Zealand.

4. Over 1,900 coffee systems owned by our Franchisee network.

5. We currently provide over 5,000kgs of coffee per month.

6. This equates to over 500,000 cups of coffee per month.

7. We serve approximately 50,000 individuals per month.

8. A multi award winning Franchise system including: Listings in BRW Fast Franchises 2008 to 2012, Top Franchise no 1 lifestyle business 2009, Australian Business Award 2008

Ask yourself what do you think of those results?

At Xpresso Delight we firmly believe all these results and strong growth have been built on the back of our brand. Let me tell you what our brand is and what it means to us personally.

At Xpresso Delight we have developed what we refer to as our QSE Brand culture, it is...

Quality Coffee Experience

Service Excellence

Exceptional Convenience

Our brand and its future is of great importance to Xpresso Delight. It is one of the main reasons many individuals have purchased an Xpresso Delight Franchise.

Now let's discuss the question of whether this business will work specifically for you

While we have discussed that our business has a formula for success, it still needs to work and be successful for you. RIGHT?

Well to give you the best chance of success we know after 10 years of operating success what works best to give you that chance and it all starts with great training, ongoing support and helping you get off to a flying start.

Helping YOU get off to a flying start...

A lot of prospective Franchisees that look at investing in an Xpresso Delight Franchise tell us they feel some concern and anxiety about how to find Locations for their machines once they do decide to join our team.

If you have any of these concerns or anxiety about finding Locations read on.

Most of our Franchisees have had little or no business experience before starting with Xpresso Delight and they have achieved great results.

So how do you think they were able to get those great results?

Research shows us one of the main reasons for buying into an established successful Franchise group is that you get Proven, Market-Tested Systems that produce results.

Would that be one of your reasons?

With just over 170 Franchisees in OUR group now, we find they tend to naturally fall into two groups. One of those groups tends to achieve results, quicker and with more success, while the other group are doing fine there is a difference in the two.

Why do you think one group is getting better results and faster?

What do you think they do slightly different?

They simply follow our system.

If fact we call that group our HIGHER ACHIEVER'S group.

As most people have had some measure of success in their lives we would assume they would like to be in our HIGHER ACHIEVER'S group?

Again what is it that sets that group apart from the other group?

Correct. They follow our system.

So ask yourself this, you are you the sort of person who will follow OUR systems to get that possible level of success?

If you are continue reading...

Well let's introduce you to our first system, it's called our Customer Location System. What it means to our business model is this system provides for income to start flowing and much sooner.

You know most start-up businesses can take 6 or even 12 months to start making an income however with our system, income may start within weeks.

This is a new system just recently introduced which has been developed from 8 years of previous operational success. We are constantly looking for ways to develop and improve our systems and that is exactly where this one came from.

Let us tell you about our previous system and how we developed this new one from that.

While our franchisees were getting fantastic results we listened to their feedback and this is what they had to say.

With a lot of new systems to learn and implement it was taking a bit longer than they anticipated to achieve their start up goals. So we thought, what could we do to make it ALL happen faster?

This is what we came up with...

We now work directly with YOU to generate Customer Locations for all of your START UP coffee systems.

This is how the Customer Location System came about, you NOW start earning income sooner from your machines.

You might be thinking how do we do that?

Well it's simple really.

They work directly with you to find Locations, they are trained in exactly the same marketing program you will be trained in, however because they do this on a regular basis their skill set is very HIGH. Exactly like yours will be after completing our training programs.

So our Master Agents work with you and on your behalf around your training time and start marketing only for your Locations.

YOUR marketing skill set will also become highly proficient after completing our training program just like theirs.

So ask yourself this? How important do you think Marketing is on a scale of 1-100?

What was your answer?

We see marketing as vitally important. We hope you do too.

How do you think a company like Harvey Norman have become one of the most successful retailers?

By marketing once a year? Once every 6 months? Monthly or DAILY?

Every day of course and through every media available.

So WHY would a successful company like Harvey Norman do that?

It's because they know the importance of staying in front of buyers minds all the time.

Harvey Norman KNOWS marketing is critically important to success and so do we. Our great marketing systems are what have got us where we are today.

We cannot think of a single business that does not have great marketing systems. Do you know of any successful business that has no marketing?

We actually call marketing the front end of a business, we say NO front end, NO Back End.

The Back End of a business is things like operations and service, but most importantly the REVENUE End.

NO Back End equals NO Revenue, which makes the Front End even more critical.

That said, we understand how critically important marketing is for ANY business including ours and that is why we have placed so much importance on it.

Our training program now brings all these elements together

Let's explain what this entails.

First, you complete our 2-day in house training, which gives you a basic skill level to start operating.


You move to our marketing program where you work along side your Master Agent for the first 3 weeks which is fully outlined in our Training Agenda.

Here you will be learning by working directly in the Market with your Master Agent so they can coach and help keep you on track.

This program gives you real marketing experience and helps develop your ability to further grow your business.

This first 4 weeks however are critical to building solid momentum.


You complete several days of installation and service training.

Then you move to our Weekly Marketing Programme which is designed to keep your skill set at that Higher Achiever level.

You are now fully equipped to continue the growth and development of your business as you see fit.

Remember however, our support is always there and only a phone call away.

Read about our Support and Competitive Advantage...

Amazing competitive advantage opens doors like never before

Acquiring businesses that want an Xpresso Delight coffee system installed is a skill set that requires training, focus and determination, while there are thousands of quality sites available marketing is an ongoing process where your training and expectations of success will bring you possible results.

Business owners love the fact that Xpresso Delight coffee systems improves productivity, their employees aren't wandering off on long breaks several times each day just to fetch coffee. They also don't have to serve their clients instant coffee before a sales presentation or important meetings anymore.

And since there's no upfront cost for their business and there's absolutely no risk for them it makes getting a potential client to say, "yes" much easier.

This means you're able to concentrate on locating prime sites that are going to provide you the highest returns possible.

Professional backing and support working for you

An Xpresso Delight franchise offers you an amazing opportunity to create your own business and generate high leverage on your time. Yet at the same time, you're able to tap into the support of experienced professionals who have done it all before.

You'll discover that everything is systemised to make learning easy and fast, so you have more time to concentrate on customer service and profitability. We'll help you develop a business plan that will bring your goals into focus, and train you in how to operate and service your machines.

We also help you develop the necessary business, sales and marketing skills to manage and grow your business to whatever level you want to achieve as long as you take responsibility to drive your business there.

And with the market so fresh and unsaturated, you'll be able to go out and seize the opportunity with both hands.

Grow your business with total flexibility

Xpresso Delight is a simple, easy one, two or three day a week business with:

No employees

No ongoing sales

Minimal stock holding

A unique franchise with amazing potential

Join Xpresso Delight today

In the past franchises have been complex, time intensive ventures. Not Xpresso Delight! In fact, Xpresso Delight is as close to a passive income earner as you'll find in franchising. Nothing else in the market offers such a fantastic opportunity to earn so much for such a small investment of time.

Couple this with a rate of return that leaves most investments far behind, and we think you'll agree that this is a unique business proposition with amazing potential.

Xpresso Delight's 6 Step Franchise Application Process...

Step 1: First Contact (Length 1-2 days to complete)

We've received your Request for Consideration, it's time to begin the process.

  • Phone Overview Session:
    This is a great chance for us to get to know each other and understand what you are looking for in a Franchise?
  • Outline of our Franchise System and our love of coffee.
  • Discuss the Training Process:
    This takes approximately 3 weeks on average to complete.
  • Book in your NO OBLIGATION Franchise Information Session:
    You will also get to experience first hand our stunning espresso coffee systems and taste just how good our coffee is.

Step 2: Preparation (Length 1-2 days to complete)

It's time to prepare for your personal one on one Franchise Information Session.

  • Complete Information Request (online) within 48 hours of phone appointment.
    This MUST be completed prior to your Franchise Information Session.
  • Revisit our Website:
    Watch videos, read the content and Location and Franchisee testimonials.
  • Prepare any questions about the Xpresso Delight Franchise System:
    Bring along your questions to get in-depth answers.
  • Start reviewing possible Lending and Financial options:
    We know purchasing a Franchise can be a large financial obligation and decision.

Step 3: Franchise Information Session (3-5 days after First Contact)

It's time for us to show you how Xpresso Delight may be the solution you're looking for.

  • Our NO OBLIGATION Franchise Information Session gives you all the answers.
  • Learn more about our 10 year history and what has made us so successful.
  • See a live demonstration of all our Coffee Systems in action.
  • Taste test our exclusive 100% Arabica gourmet coffee blend.
    (this is what our business is really all about and creates so much passion)
  • Receive our Disclosure and required Legal Documents to start your due diligence
  • Complete Self Assessment Form (online) within 48 hours of Information Session. This MUST be completed prior to your Location Experience.

Step 4: Location Experience (3-5 days after Information Session)

Don't just take our word for it, we take you to visit one of our existing clients.

  • See our stunning Coffee Systems in action.
    This is a chance to meet real market Xpresso Delight ambassadors.
  • See first hand why Clients love our 5 Star Concierge Coffee Service:
    This is our real point of difference, it's what sets us apart from the rest.
  • Experience how easy our Coffee Systems are for Franchisees to service.
  • Sit down with us again and reassess your progress:
    Here you get another chance to have any questions answered and we have the
    opportunity to review your application and suitability as a potential Franchisee.

Step 5: Finalise Due Diligence (Length 5-7 days to complete)

It is time for both of us to start finalising our due diligence processes.

  • Is Xpresso Delight the exciting business solution you are looking for?
  • Speak with our existing Franchisees and see why they chose Xpresso Delight.
  • Get professional advice from your Solicitor. (mandatory requirement)
  • Get professional advice from your Accountant. (highly recommended)
  • Finalise how to finance your Franchise and Equipment.
  • We schedule your Franchisor interview. (this is completed via phone conference)
  • Xpresso Delight conducts its due diligence on your application.

Step 6: Application Approval (Length 3-5 days to complete)

Congratulations on having what it takes to get to the final step in the process...

  • Formal interview with our Franchisor: (30 to 45 minutes)
    This is a decision process for us as much as it is for you. Our Franchisees are
    driven, passionate and have a massive desire to succeed. Do YOU?
  • Do you have what it takes to be awarded an Xpresso Delight Franchise?
  • Franchisor application decision. (generally within 48 hours of interview)
  • Once your application is approved we move to Franchise Agreement signing.
  • We welcome you to the Xpresso Delight Team and schedule final Training dates.

To invest in an Xpresso Delight Franchise requires an investment of time and funding.

Have you considered how you will fund the Franchise investment? You can talk to your local Master Agent about funding options.

An Xpresso Delight Franchise is currently AUD$47,100 + GST in Australia and NZ$48,495 + GST in New Zealand.

The above investment costs are inclusive of the following:

1. Training Fee
2. Franchise Kit
3. Franchise Fee
4. Initial Coffee System Requirements

We are also offering a start up Bonus Package of Stock (approximate profit value $5,000) for a Limited time.

Talk to your local Master Agent for more details.

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See what one Xpresso Delight Franchisee has to say about her Franchise experience...

Read what two of our Franchisees are saying about delivering our unique Taste and Service Difference...

Xpresso Delight Springfield - Anne and Antony Murry

"Hi, this is Antony and Anne Murry. We joined Xpresso Delight because we are passionate about quality coffee. Our Xpresso Delight franchise allows us to provide great coffee to people in the workplace with exceptional convenience and cost effectiveness. The great training and support from our QLD Master Agent gave us a great start, and is enabling us to continue to grow a strong and rewarding business. One of the many rewards for us is showing clients how to have great cafe quality coffee in their workplace. We enjoy the positive feedback we continually get from new and existing clients. It makes our work so enjoyable knowing we are helping so many people experience great quality coffee."

Xpresso Delight Springfield - Anne and Antony Murry

Xpresso Delight Eatons Hill - Gus Battaliou

"Having sold my previous business, I soon got tired of the idle life. I then identified a set of criteria that I desired from my next business. It had to be a dynamic franchise, one that had good growth potential, which provided flexible working hours and that had a product that I would be proud to sell. After discarding many of the "brand" names, I found that Xpresso Delight fulfilled what I was looking for. With the excellent backup and systems provided by the Master Agent, it has made the transition to Xpresso Delight an absolute pleasure. Some of my customers cannot start the day properly until they have had their "coffee fix", and that satisfaction lingers knowing that you have provided them with an excellent coffee start to the day. "

Xpresso Delight Eatons Hill - Gus Battaliou

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